Ask the 5-years-ago me, you'd very unlikely hear me say "I wanna get married in the near future" or "I wanna have kids". Yet here I am, in 2018, happily married to a wonderful soul and settling into hashtag-mom-life with our first son. This is the birth story of our little peanut: Owen.

Owen's due date was November 29, 2018. One week earlier we were told that I was 1cm dilated, but that it could take days or weeks for the dilation to progress. So we went home, hopeful and all. I was paying attention to every little detail my body indicated, excited that our little peanut could arrive at literally any moment. 

Came the morning of November 29, 2018, we visited our OB and was told that the dilation had not progressed. The OB also said that little peanut had gained significant weight (from 3.2kgs to 3.5kgs, which means an increase of 300g in just 2 days). Knowing that we wanted to try vaginal delivery (and partially because he was leaving for a business trip in two days), he suggested that we be induced. 

Induction was not a part of our plan. Googling about induction also did not help (honestly during this pregnancy I learned that most symptoms or illness should NOT be googled if you don't want to be over terrified). But waiting for natural labor to come might mean that little peanut was growing even bigger, thereby lessening the probability of a successful vaginal delivery. There was also no assurance that natural labor would come in time. Having considered these, we agreed to be induced. So we went home and grabbed the stuffs we had packed in advance, said see you soon to our doggo London, and returned to the hospital.

I was induced at around 3 PM and started having regular contractions as indicated by the CTG scans, but I did not feel any real painful contraction until 3-4 hours later, during which period I either just laid down on the hospital bed listening to some music or walking around the hospital with Frans. 

I started feeling the contractions when I was bouncing on the gym ball that we had delivered to the hospital. It's interesting because I have never had any painful menstrual cramps before but going through that pain there I could immediately relate it to super awful menstrual cramps. Not long after that, I felt a flood flowing through and out of my vagina. It was what they call the "bloody show". The nurses asked me to pee and clean up the best I could and moved me back to the hospital bed. When the nurses were cleaning me up, they said "hey your water broke!" And I looked down, and I saw green liquid on the cloth they were cleaning me with. I remember thinking to myself "that can't be good" but the thought quickly quit my head as another painful contraction waved in. 

In that hour things went by fast - not that I had the energy and focus to pay attention to every single thing that was happening. The nurses contacted my OB to update him on the situation. The OB asked to speak with Frans. Frans came back to my side, helped me with breathing through the contractions, and when I wasn't having a contraction he spilled the news. The doctor wanted to observe the progress for another hour, but my water being green meant it was not healthy for little peanut to be in there for much longer so if things didn't go speedily they would have to perform Cesarian surgery on me. I approved.

We never insisted on delivering vaginally. We had always saved a space for C-section in our birth plan should things came down to that. So hearing that news from Frans, I was only a tad disappointed. But what changed was my mental state in dealing with the contractions. Before the news, I really felt I could power through the contractions until I was fully dilated and ready to push this baby out of me. I had mustered all the strength and courage in this petite body. After the news, it was like I lost all motivation to power through.. knowing that these contractions that kept being more intense and frequent by the minute was not how I would be delivering the baby. There was no more point in dealing with the contractions. The only reason I had to undergo some more contractions at that time was because it was only 9.30 PM and the surgery was scheduled at 10 PM. That, ladies and gentlemen, made the contractions even worse.

Long story short, they gave me partial anesthesia so I could be awake during the surgery. Frans was in the room, comforting me. I was shaking so much on the table because the anesthesia made me feel super cold. I tried to focus on Frans and not on the hands that I felt were doing things on the lower part of belly. It took about 30 minutes until one of the doctors said "OK he's here. What time is it now?" There was no baby cry yet. I remember being confused and asking "why did he ask that? Is the baby here?" Three seconds later, Owen cried his lungs out. 

When the doctors checked Owen I could barely hold my happy tears. I was so nervous and just wanted someone to tell me that Owen was perfect. When they brought Owen to me for a skin-to-skin contact, it was the single most joyous moment of my life. All my eyes saw were Frans and Owen and his perfect, swollen little face. Everything I went through was worth it. And just like that, my life was complete.

One final note. Owen weighed only 3.3 kgs when he was born, 0.2 kgs less than what the OB measured in the last appointment. He checked that twice and it showed the same weight. I think it was God's intervention that the measurement was more than what he actually weighed. Had the OB said he only weighed 3.3 kgs or less, we might not have decided to be induced that day. Had we not been induced that day, God knows how much less conducive it would've been for little peanut to stay longer in there. Thank God the measurement read Owen's weight wrong. Thank God for how everything rolled out. 


My Take On These 5 Pregnancy Items

Sooo it's been a while since my last post and BAM! I'm 33 weeks pregnant. As a first time mom, there are so many things I did not know but thanks to this internet era I've been able to read up a whole lot of information about pregnancy, delivery and motherhood. Now we're weeks away from the due date, and we cannot wait! If you didn't know already, we're having a boy (YAY!).

I thought having gone this far on this pregnancy I should share with you my take on several pregnancy-related stuffs that we bought and whether we actually used them or not. Hopefully some of you who are also expecting or trying or thinking about having a baby sometime in the (near) future may find it useful, as I did many articles written by or blogs made by other mothers on various issues surrounding pregnancy. Let's begin!

1. Stretch mark cream (Mustela) - USED AND USEFUL

I bought Mustela stretch mark prevention cream in my first trimester, when I hadn’t gained much pregnancy weight and my belly were not that big. I’ve been using it more regularly as the belly grew bigger week after week. Now I’m 33 weeks pregnant and so far has not developed a stretch mark. 

Some articles on the internet suggest that preggers don’t actually have to use stretch mark cream, as the point is to keep your skin moisturized and so any kind of lotion or moisturizing technique would equally prevent stretch mark. I have not tested this claim, and maybe won’t for the rest of this pregnancy (only a couple weeks to go!). Mustela stretch mark lotion has been a part of my daily routine and it is not burdensome at all. Plus, I love the scent!

2. Pregnancy Hip Support Belt - NOT USED

No thanks to scoliosis, I felt pain on the back side of my hips area everytime I sat down, stood up, or walked for too long. So without further ado I bought the first hip support belt I spotted in one of the biggest pregnancy and motherhood stores at the mall. That time I was 2 months pregnant.

When I came home I read the guide and instruction on the side of the box (something I should’ve done BEFORE I bought the thing) and learned that it was only recommended for use starting month 5 and up. My guess is because before the second semester, the uterus and fetus is still down low by the pelvis, and so the hip support belt might apply unnecessary pressure on that area? Whatever it was, I stored the belt in my wardrobe and told myself I’d use it when I entered month 6.

Now in month 8, I’ve developed more back pain on the middle back all the way down to the hips. Some friends suggested that the support belt might help because it supports the belly and thereby relieves tension from the back. I, however, am still not using it and don’t think I’m gonna. Main reason is because my back pain is most intense when I sit down (as opposed to when I walk or stand up), so I don’t think the belt would help. I’d probably put it up for sale or rent, maybe other preggers could benefit from it more than I do.

3. Pregnancy Pillow - USED AND USEFUL

This thing I swear by. My favorite thing to do now is snuggling with my pregnancy pillow at the end of a tiring day at work. All the backache and hip pains that haunted me all day just crawled away :)

Plus, before pregnancy I always slept on my back, which is not a recommended position for preggers especially as the belly grows bigger. We are told to sleep on our left side (which is the most optimum position but hurts my back like hell) or right side (which does not hurt me but, well, is not the most optimum position). I tried, but I always found myself laying on my back again when I woke up. This pillow helps support my back so when my body sneakily tries to shift to on-the-back position, it just fell on the pillow, so I end up in a diagonal leaning position. 

I highly recommend preggers to get this pillow. Non-preggers should also probably try, I can’t sufficiently describe how heavenly it was to sleep with it. Note that, being a full-body pillow, it’s rather large and may take up your partner’s space in bed, so consider your bed size and discuss with your partner before you get one. Promising to lend him the pillow every now and then may be a good negotiation point. :p

4. Gym ball - USED AND USEFUL (SO FAR)

In one of my yoga classes the instructor advised that we get a gym ball, because we can use it for pelvic exercises to prepare for labor. I thought it was a fun motivational tool to get the lazy bum that I am to exercise so I bought it. They come in different sizes depending on your height. I’m 163cm tall and I got the one with 65cm diameter.

It’s so far been useful because it makes pelvic exercises real light and fun. I can sit on it and exercise while doing some work on my phone or watching TV after work (sitting on the couch has been more and more uncomfortable anyway). Plus, when you’ve reached full term, one way to induce labor is by bouncing on the ball. How fun is that?! 

5. Milk for Pregnant Women - USED AND USEFUL

My OB gave me some multi-vitamins to take daily, but I also drink pregnancy milk every night. I started with Prenagen Mommy Emesis since early pregnancy. Recently, around 3 weeks ago, I changed to Prenagen Mommy (no Emesis). The reason was because the sales girl told us that Emesis is designed to alleviate morning sickness, which I never had, so it was more appropriate for me to consume the regular one. Without researching it more we accepted her recommendation, because we thought they’re both Prenagen, what harm could it do us anyway? So now I take the regular Prenagen Mommy every night.

Flavor-wise, I always went for the chocolate flavor. Both types tasted similarly but definitely not the same. I do not enjoy the chocolate taste in the regular one as much as I did the Emesis one, to be honest, but it’s still acceptable. 

The milk has always been my last meal of the day. You know how sometimes, a few hours after dinner you start feeling hungry again? Well, a glass of this milk solves that problem for me. Just perfect timing. Also happy to know that so far our baby has been developing well and healthy; I like to think that it’s not only due to the multivitamins from my OB but also the regular pregnancy milk intake. :)

If you have questions for me on my thoughts on other pregnancy-related products, feel free to drop me a message in the comment box or by email, or find me on Instagram at @wynneprasetyo !


Clinelle Caviar Gold

Being pregnant, I had to make some changes and adjustments to various aspects in my daily routine to make sure the baby gets the best he/she needs. This includes making sure that everything that goes into or even comes in contact with my body is healthy and baby-safe. Good news, fellow preggos! I am excited to share with you about this new routine I adopted recently, which is not only super healthy for your skin for the reasons I will elaborate below, but also safe for your pregnancy. 

For two weeks now I have been using these Clinelle products: a firming lotion, an eye serum, and a firming cream. They are formulated with Triple Gold Lifting and Firming Complex (Caviar, 24K Nano Gold and Phyto Plant Gold) which ensures a long-term effect to our facial skin. I got these products from Clozette Indonesia after I found out I was pregnant, but I felt comfortable using them because Clinelle guaranteed that these products were manufactured completely free of artificial coloring, artificial fragrance, lanolin, mineral oil, alcohol-SD, comedogenic content, or paraben. They call these the “7 NOs”. 

Now I will walk you through each product.

The Caviar Gold Firming Lotion is aimed to prevent aging of the skin by reducing wrinkles and promoting skin rejuvenation to bring out the effect of younger skin. It is very light on the skin and smells great. The lotion also prepares the skin for the other two products that will be applied subsequently.

The Caviar Gold Firming Eye Serum is my favorite part. Working behind a computer all day is the main reason I have been carrying these eyebags and my eyes look tired all the time. This eye serum provides instant hydration, I swear I felt better minutes after I first applied it and now I can’t get enough. Bye-bye, dark circles! Plus, how pretty is the packaging? *starstruck*

The Caviar Gold Firming Cream is a moisturizer that works on all skin types. It is also very light but very effective. It makes your skin feel fresh and nourished. The only thing I would change from this product is its size, wish it were bigger and contained more in one package so it doesn’t run out so fast hehehe.

Using them together in a complete set is supposed to increase the moisture and elasticity of the facial skin as well as enhances the skin complexion. All in all, I think these products are great and women of any skin type could benefit from them. The prices are very reasonable as well.

For more information you can visit Clinelle’s Instagram (here), or ask me (here) and I will try my best to answer for you.



Living in Bali would be the best thing, yes? But the next best thing is living close to Bali. Couldn't be more grateful that paradise is just 1.5 hours of flight away from home. We spent a quick weekend getaway last week and while a half chunk of it was occupied with the national rounds of Jessup moot court competition I had committed to (which was the primary reason we flew to Bali in the first place), the other half part of it was a much-deserved second (or eleventh) honeymoon for my boo and me.

Our stay was at Hilton Resort in Nusa Dua. Upon arrival it was easily a heart-throb. The lobby was overlooking the sea and it has a private beach and all the facilities that would make a weekend getaway so perfect. I will let the pictures speak for themselves, even though they did not do the real view justice. Other than that, here's a little review of the staycation.

ROOM: The room was comfortable and spacious. Our first room was garden view and to our surprise there were not one, not two, but three monkeys strolling around the garden! They were so cute. OK at first it was terrifying because we were not sure if they were friendly, but they never did any harm and come to think of it, the place probably used to be their home before someone went ahead and built the resort for human satisfaction.. so let's just say I'm happy enough we both felt like it was home.

Our second room was ocean view. We unfortunately did not get to spend much time there because we had to catch our flight. But still it was such a pleasant stay.

FOOD: We had one dinner opportunity and we kinda blew it. I took too long a nap and when I woke up The Shallows was playing and I couldn't resist not watching Blake Lively's survival action in an orange bikini at such a breathtaking paradise. So when we got to the restaurant (at 10.15 PM) we found out that we had missed the Balinese dinner which last order was at 10 PM.. even though the receptionist had informed us that dinner was available until 11. It kinda ruined the mood a little bit. Important to note that the dining venue was beautiful and romantic. We ended up having room-service fried noodle (which actually tasted good) and fried rice (which was alright). 

The breakfast though, was fantastic. The venue was large and comprises of different sections, each of which had its own charm. We chose the patio because the view was simply breakfast goals and the warmth from the morning sun was called for for my nasal needs. The breakfast had a large variety and it was pleasant for me, but apparently not enough vegan variety because the person lining up behind me at the buffet section was asking the waiter which among all the food was vegan friendly and the waiter said there were only 2 dish, which was baked beans and baked potato.

FACILITIES: The hotel had a private beach, pools for adults and for kids with super-fun looking slides, a conservatory deck, spa, and everything a perfect weekend getaway needs. Every corner was instagrammable (I assume this is an important remark for nowadays generations). The staffs were as friendly as you'd expect them to be. 

Overall I'd give the resort a 7.8 out of 10. The only major thing lacking for me was time. 



I have been feeling under the weather these past few days. Not being able to do much other than moving from the bedroom to the living room and laying down either on the bed or the sofa is pretty damn tedious, albeit relaxing indeed.

These shots of my outfit last Sunday kinda represent the sunshine I need to light up my day, so I though I'd share them on the blog. Hope they inspire your day too.


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