I don't always post beauty stuffs but this one I must share with you!

ARRA Beauty has just released two new shades of matte lipstick and they are adooooooorbs! Both shades are named after regions in Indonesia: "Bungo" and "Soka". Bungo is more daring red which is great for bold, strong looks, while Soka, my favorite, is more orange-ish which is perfect for daily look. 

This is how Bungo looks on me:

And this is Soka on me:

Honest, when I first tried Soka I immediately fell in love and have been using it everyday ever since. Warna mattenya aku banget sih. Terus, lipstick ARRA Beauty punya formula anti-aging (yes, lips also age and we don't want early-aging of our lips, right?) dan kandung emmolient yang merawat bibir kita dai luar dan dalam. Ini bener-bener berasa lho pas lipsticknya dioles ke bibir, terasa moist dan ringan. Dan aku sudah coba pakai berjam-jam, mattenya tahan lama, natural di bibir, gak lengket dan gak mudah nempel ke area yang bersentuhan dengan bibir.

Definitely a top contender of my most favorite lipsticks, dan udah pasti aku bawa kemana-mana si Soka imut ini.

Thank you Clozette Indonesia (@clozetteid) and Arra Beauty for letting me have this precious gem!



Has anyone noticed that "lashes" is an anagram for "hassle"?

For me that's true not only linguistically but also personally. I never wear fake lashes (unless I'm attending a wedding or some party) because every lashes I've tried before always felt unnatural and not worth the effort.  Padahal, a good eye make-up is key to a good make-up. Setuju gak? Keberhasilan riasan wajah itu 60%-nya ditentukan dari riasan mata. Bentuk alis dan bulu mata bisa meningkatkan kecantikan sampai 32%. Tapi mungkin karena sehari-hari gak pernah pakai ya, jadi sekalinya pakai fake lashes malah rasanya aneh. Ada yang merasa kayak aku?

But trust me when I tell you this: These premium eyelashes by Blink Charm are a game-changer. Empat varian yang aku dapet dari Clozette x Blink Charm ini beda style tapi semuanya cocok loh sama aku padahal aku gak make up full. They look natural! Bisa dipakai sehari-hari atau special occasion, depending on your style and preferences.

Favorit aku: Natural Flair. Flirty and fun. Tapi sebenarnya bisa banget nih kreatif tumpuk-tumpuk misalnya pakai Sweet Classic #5 habis itu tumpuk pakai Natural Flair #2. Hasilnya bisa beda banget loh, bisa jadi makin oke lagi.

Other than how good they look and make me look, Blink Charm's premium eyelashes are super light weight (0.01 gram), and the band is flexible ergonomic which makes them very easy to put on. Bahannya terbuat dari premium material grade dengan standar produksi internasional yang terbaik di kelasnya. Satu pasang bisa dipakai rata-rata 8-12 kali.

Jadi gak heran kalau premium eyelashesnya Blink Charm ini banyak dipakai beauty enthusiasts, beauty professionals, celebs and celebgrams, dan dipercaya sebagai official eyelashes partners di berbagai event skala nasional maupun global seperti Jakarta Fashion Week dan Pemilihan Puteri Indonesia. Blink Charm juga merupakan eyelashes category leader di berbagai market channels.

Thank you Blink Charm! Thank you juga Clozette Indonesia for spoiling me again and again.



"What's happening to you?"

... was what my husband uttered when I told him two weeks ago what my social schedule for the following two weeks looked like. To my own surprise, I had agreed to attend not one, not two, not three, but four social events in two weeks time. 

I know, I know, you're sitting there reading this and thinking "come on, big deal.". Actually it really is a big deal for me! Meeting one or two new people is still manageable for this introverted self, but attending a social gathering where a lot of people gather and socialize always makes me jittery; and I don't like feeling jittery. Yep, I'm that awkward.

Nonetheless, having made it to all four events, I feel proud of myself and honestly wouldn't have changed the way I spent these past two weeks! Although I might need the entire month of August to be in solitude to recharge LOL. So here's a thing or two about the events I attended:

1.  Talkshow on taking care of a newborn's skin  

Even though Owen is no longer a newborn, I definitely needed some more education and insights on the mystery that is babies skin. So when The Babyologist invited me to this event - which took place about one hour drive from where I live - I had to say yes. It was quite informative! And it is just me... or being a mom gives you this thirst for information that you'd likely say yes to seminars and talkshows when you were never remotely interested to attend events like that when you were single??

2.  Styling Session with Daisy Karina at Fashionlink x Blackvnue

Recently joining The Shonet as one of the insiders, they invited me to attend this event. I quickly learned one thing. There's a whole new generation younger than me who is dominating fashion events like this and I'm like a dinosaur. I did meet one other "elderly" blogger who started blogging around the same time that I did (which is like a decade ago), who still knew what "blogwalking" meant. I mean we could've met any time during the past decade but like I said, this introvert never really agreed to come to any social event, so here we are only meeting now. Anyway, read all about this event in my article on The Shonet here.

3. Luncheon with Folkamom at Ninety-Nine

Another network that I recently signed up to is Folkamom, which is an event planner slash community of millennial mothers. I was actually excited to meet fellow mothers in this era, and boy they did not disappoint! Everyone was such unique personalities and the topics brought to the table were beyond my imagination yet sparked excitement and curiosity within me to explore some more. Kudos to all inspiring moms out there! Keep supporting each other!

4. Launching of Johnson's Cotton Touch baby skincare products

This event was today, I literally just came home from it. It was more of a talkshow and less of a gathering for moms (not that I knew anyone there, although I did spot someone I've been following on Instagram and I just had to snap a pic with her). Came home with some real cute goodies, which is one of the biggest reasons why I could push myself to enjoy coming to these events hahahaha.



Top: Mango  //  Pants: Zara  //  Clutch: Mango  //  Sandals: Chiel

Last week I attended a social gathering and met a fellow blogger whom I have virtually known for a long time but never met in person. She, like I, has been a blogger since the olden days that blogging was the trend and Instagram was not even nearly popular yet. Funnily enough, the event where we met was attended by the youngsters, the millenials who grew up with Instagram, and this girl and I were the only two "elderly" bloggers who knew too well what "blogwalking" meant. And that encounter brought back some sweet memories from blogging days! How I miss this platform! It was a huge part of my life and most of my style, my confidence, my take on social phenomenons, I owe them to blogging!

Signing out now because I have to put my baby to sleep... but I hope I do come back soon and frequent and rekindle this love that - like it or not - has shaped me to who I am today.



I wanted to keep the title neutral because our nap-training experience was not successful, or it was, depending on how you see it. I felt like I needed to share our story, because before we started the training I was desperate for some real sleep/nap-training stories that were not all successful, so I’d known what to expect and not feel like crap if it didn’t work out for us. So here goes, maybe it'll be useful to another desperate-for-a-good-nap mother.

Why we decided to nap train. One of the sweetest things I get to do the past few months is bed-sharing with my little sweetheart. He will be 7 months in a week (where did time go?). We have established a bedtime routine which always successfully puts him to sleep at night without much hassle. Unfortunately he still wakes 2 – 3 times at night and needs me to comfort him back to sleep. Fortunately he dozes back off within less than a minute since he just needs to see that I’m there and feel my warmth so I don’t really mind.

Naps were a different story. He could only fall asleep while being rocked, as if it was the only way he knew how to. The rocking also had to be of a particular way, sadly a way that only my nanny could do (believe me I had tried to mimic the rocking but he wasn’t having it). That kinda broke my heart; that he needed another human who was neither me or his dad to be comfortable enough to nap.

My nanny didn’t really mind, but Owen was gaining weight by the weeks and rocking him naturally got more and more challenging, so we could not imagine how we would all survive with this napping style for much longer.

All that, and all the materials I read said that learning to sleep independently will be beneficial for baby in the long run.

How we prepared for the training. I read tons of materials on sleep-training; all the different methods, all the tips, all the success stories, all the fail stories (which were not plenty). I sent my husband some articles that were useful and sound like what we could implement so he could be in the same state of mind in approaching this training. We prepped his crib with a cute crib bumper, installed a baby monitor, removed any hazard from there. We discussed how we wanted to go about nap training with the nanny so she understood the process. We agreed that a lot of crying might happen but we needed to stay strong and support each other because we knew success wouldn’t come overnight. We also gently told Owen ahead of time that he needed this nap train for his sake.

I knew nap training would be heartbreaking for me. But if it would give him better quality of sleep, and hence better quality of life, I’d take heartbreak anytime.

Our initial goal by the end of the training. We wanted him to learn to sleep independently. So he would be able to sleep anywhere and whenever he was sleepy; in the crib, on the bed, on the stroller, in the car, and so on.

How it went down. His usual schedule (before the training) is as follows.

5.30 – 6.00: Wakes in the morning
8.45 – 9.15: Begins first nap
12 – 12.30: Begins second nap
14.30 – 15.00: Begins third nap
17.00: Evening bath
18.00 – 18.30: Bedtime routine

The duration of each nap varied from 30 minutes to 1.5 hours, but more often the former  than the latter.

First day: Training started with the first nap of that morning. I carried him until he was drowsy, but not asleep, and then put him in his crib. He immediately opened his eye wide prolly due to the change of ambience. I left the room, in 2 minutes he started crying. Everytime he cried I waited for a certain period (longer interval each time) to provide comfort. My interval was 1 minute, 3 minutes, 6 minutes, 15 minutes, 20 minutes, and 25 minutes. Two hours went by and he didn’t fall asleep, just kept crying. I decided to stop this attempt and try it again later, so I went in and nursed him to sleep.

Repeated the routine for the second nap. Due to the amount of time it took for the first nap training his second nap was so late in the day, almost around the supposed time of his third nap (so he only had two naps that day instead of three). This time I only checked in once at 3 minutes interval. After that his crying began to sound more like whimpers so I did not visit him again, and he fell asleep after 35 minutes. I was relieved. I thought to myself, “Wow it’s working!”.

In the evening, it seemed even better. After his bath, I didn’t even need to rock him, which was usually part of our bedtime routine. He immediately fell asleep on my shoulder on the way from the light switch to the bed. When I put him down on the bed he did not wake. I thought it was either the sleep training was working well, or he was simply too tired from the first day of training.

Second day: After how the first day unfolded I naturally thought the second day was going to be easier. It wasn’t. It was worse. He knew the moment I put him down on the bed I was going to leave the room and he began crying and screaming even before I left. The first nap, the second nap, he cried more than 1 hour.

I was frustrated. Not only did my expectation for the second day went to shit, deliberately choosing not to do anything while listening to him cry his lungs out was absolutely heartbreaking. After the failed attempt at first nap, my husband was already questioning if we should continue the drill. I hated him for uttering that question because we had agreed in the beginning that it was going to be hard but we needed to support each other. I told my husband no we need to continue, otherwise all the crying and suffering from the first day would’ve been a waste. He obliged.

At the second nap attempt, I began to think he was right. The problem is, Owen wasn’t trying to self-soothe at all. It’s not like he didn’t know how to. He self-soothes by sucking his thumb to fall asleep at night, so he knows. He just doesn’t know that he could do the same thing for naps. So I thought even if we continued this for a couple more days, he was probably just going to do the same thing and get exhausted and nothing good was going to come out of this.

The hardest part for me was this: I mentioned how he started crying as soon as I put him down because he knew I was going to leave the room. But the moment he actually saw me moving away from the bed to leave the room, his cry changed; almost as if he was so disappointed and heartbroken too.

And so after his second nap I decided to quit. I’m not putting my baby through any more of that.

Why I would still consider it a win. The next day we changed our goal. We would meet him in the middle. He didn’t have to fall asleep on his own with nobody in the room. It would be fine for me to accompany him in the room while he tried to fall asleep. But I would not have his nanny or anyone rock him to sleep anymore.

It was like he understood and agreed to meet in the middle. The first nap of that day I put him down on the bed and stayed with him. He immediately sucks his thumb and within 10 minutes fell asleep. And it has been like that for almost two weeks now.

I believe his quality of sleep has improved too. He is less cranky during his wake windows and just a happier baby in general. I too am a much happier mama. He is no longer attached to his nanny for naps and would sleep on the bed with me very comfortably.

In three months I am going back to work. His attachment to me now may be another issue we have to figure out, but for now let me glorify his detachment from being rocked to sleep.

That being said, I understand there might have been some things we could have done better in our methods. If we would have done some things differently, the training might have been successful like so many other stories I read on the net. Also, I might not be as strong as I thought seeing that I gave up on the second day. But I am 100% certain I am following my guts as a mom. My guts might turn out to be wrong, but I feel it’s best to do so rather than follow what everyone swore by on the internet even though it felt wrong for my baby.

If you are considering sleep training, I would advise to just read up tons of material and try to work out a plan that you feel is best for you and the baby, and have everyone in the house be on board. Keep in mind that a little cry is inevitable when sleep training but there are limits to what a mom and a baby can bear and you know where that line is for yourselves. If you need someone to talk to, feel free to write to me. I’m not an expert but I’ll provide support in a way I can. Good luck!



 Just checking in so you know I'm still alive. LOL

I'm alive and well, and very happy for that matter. Life since Owen has been wonderful, new things to learn and admire every day. I must admit being at home for most parts of the week can get kinda dull (yes you can still feel bored even with such a cute little sunshine around you!) so everytime we go out I get double excitement to dress up and look nice

I purchased this outerwear a couple of weeks ago and been thinking what to wear it with. I mean it could go with any simple or plain dress and elevate it immediately but where's the fun in that? So I tried this polkadot shirt dress, an unlikely print, and helloooooo newfound obsession in prints mixing!  

What do you think? 



I'm a hoarder. My styling motto is keep every pieces as long as you can for history has proven everything will come back in trend sooner or later. LOL ain't that true? The consequence is I have a ton of old stuffs in my wardrobe, even those with fair wear and tear. Clothes are easier to keep, whereas shoes need more maintenance. You need someone with real knowledge and skills to clean and retouch shoes in order to keep them in good condition.

Few weeks ago I received an invitation from Clozette Indonesia to try the services of Your Bag Spa, which is a professional spa for bags and shoes. So I dropped two pairs at Your Bag Spa Kelapa Gading: My Charles & Keith loafers had been worn too many times (visit my Instagram for evidence), whereas my Nike, although not worn that frequently, were just so dirty that they just won't do it (pun intended).

It took two weeks until they called me to say I could pick up my shoes, and the result did not disappoint! In these pics below you'll see the before and after for comparison. Other than the wear and tear that they had told me in advance were not reparable as a part of the treatment, all the dirt and stains are completely gone! Even on the insides. Needless to say I'm a happy customer. I promise you wouldn't mind walking a mile in my shoes (yes, pun again intended).

Are they pricy? I think their price is fair. The prices vary depending on the kid of treatment you would like and the material and other specs of the bag/shoes in question.

Where can I find them? If you're in Jakarta you can visit their outlets in Mall Kelapa Gading and Grand Indonesia. They also have branches in Bekasi, Tangerang, Bandung, Surabaya and Lampung.

What other information do I need to know? Everything you need to know, you can find them on their Instagram here. To see the results of their services to other customers, you can click here.