"What's happening to you?"

... was what my husband uttered when I told him two weeks ago what my social schedule for the following two weeks looked like. To my own surprise, I had agreed to attend not one, not two, not three, but four social events in two weeks time. 

I know, I know, you're sitting there reading this and thinking "come on, big deal.". Actually it really is a big deal for me! Meeting one or two new people is still manageable for this introverted self, but attending a social gathering where a lot of people gather and socialize always makes me jittery; and I don't like feeling jittery. Yep, I'm that awkward.

Nonetheless, having made it to all four events, I feel proud of myself and honestly wouldn't have changed the way I spent these past two weeks! Although I might need the entire month of August to be in solitude to recharge LOL. So here's a thing or two about the events I attended:

1.  Talkshow on taking care of a newborn's skin  

Even though Owen is no longer a newborn, I definitely needed some more education and insights on the mystery that is babies skin. So when The Babyologist invited me to this event - which took place about one hour drive from where I live - I had to say yes. It was quite informative! And it is just me... or being a mom gives you this thirst for information that you'd likely say yes to seminars and talkshows when you were never remotely interested to attend events like that when you were single??

2.  Styling Session with Daisy Karina at Fashionlink x Blackvnue

Recently joining The Shonet as one of the insiders, they invited me to attend this event. I quickly learned one thing. There's a whole new generation younger than me who is dominating fashion events like this and I'm like a dinosaur. I did meet one other "elderly" blogger who started blogging around the same time that I did (which is like a decade ago), who still knew what "blogwalking" meant. I mean we could've met any time during the past decade but like I said, this introvert never really agreed to come to any social event, so here we are only meeting now. Anyway, read all about this event in my article on The Shonet here.

3. Luncheon with Folkamom at Ninety-Nine

Another network that I recently signed up to is Folkamom, which is an event planner slash community of millennial mothers. I was actually excited to meet fellow mothers in this era, and boy they did not disappoint! Everyone was such unique personalities and the topics brought to the table were beyond my imagination yet sparked excitement and curiosity within me to explore some more. Kudos to all inspiring moms out there! Keep supporting each other!

4. Launching of Johnson's Cotton Touch baby skincare products

This event was today, I literally just came home from it. It was more of a talkshow and less of a gathering for moms (not that I knew anyone there, although I did spot someone I've been following on Instagram and I just had to snap a pic with her). Came home with some real cute goodies, which is one of the biggest reasons why I could push myself to enjoy coming to these events hahahaha.


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