I don't always post beauty stuffs but this one I must share with you!

ARRA Beauty has just released two new shades of matte lipstick and they are adooooooorbs! Both shades are named after regions in Indonesia: "Bungo" and "Soka". Bungo is more daring red which is great for bold, strong looks, while Soka, my favorite, is more orange-ish which is perfect for daily look. 

This is how Bungo looks on me:

And this is Soka on me:

Honest, when I first tried Soka I immediately fell in love and have been using it everyday ever since. Warna mattenya aku banget sih. Terus, lipstick ARRA Beauty punya formula anti-aging (yes, lips also age and we don't want early-aging of our lips, right?) dan kandung emmolient yang merawat bibir kita dai luar dan dalam. Ini bener-bener berasa lho pas lipsticknya dioles ke bibir, terasa moist dan ringan. Dan aku sudah coba pakai berjam-jam, mattenya tahan lama, natural di bibir, gak lengket dan gak mudah nempel ke area yang bersentuhan dengan bibir.

Definitely a top contender of my most favorite lipsticks, dan udah pasti aku bawa kemana-mana si Soka imut ini.

Thank you Clozette Indonesia (@clozetteid) and Arra Beauty for letting me have this precious gem!



  1. Ooo this looks like a great brand. Love the colors and the packaging. I just got my first matte lipstick the other day. I like it as it defines the lips well but it is a bit drying so I added a little gloss and that helps.

    Allie of

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