Do you guys realize that when we are at home, our skin encounters elements that threaten its healthiness just as much as when we are out and about? It might feel like during #dirumahaja we are exposed to much less pollution and dirt, but what about the lack of sunlight, constant exposure to air conditioning, and lack of physical movement/exercise? All these could easily lead to a tendency to less frequent proper cleansing, which in turn would result in skin dehydration.

Let me share with you a bit about some products that have quickly settled in as my nighttime skincare routine. These came in a BlueCare Package from Bioderma, which consist of their Atoderm and Hydrabio ranges, to help cleanse, hydrate, and moisturize our skin.

1. Hydrabio H20 Micellar Water: This worked surprising well in removing my make up, including my waterproof eyeliner I used before. For those of you who didn't know, micellar water is a type of water-based cleanser that can effectively remove make up and cleanse the skin without leaving it dry. Plus point for me is the very gentle yet nice refreshing scent! This one's so good I'm actually gonna buy one for my mama.

2. Hydrabio Essence Lotion: After cleansing, I use the essence lotion, which is my favorite product among them. This baby is a radiance booster to hydrate and freshen up your skin. I use this not only for PM but also AM skincare now. If you're struggling with dry skin like me, this one is a true gem. 

3. Hydrabio Serum: Next step is to apply the serum. The serum has thicker texture than the essence lotion. When you apply it to your face you can almost immediately feel it working its magic to protect your skin from the constant exposure to air conditioning for 8 consecutive hours (or less if you're a new mom like me LOL) when you sleep.

I pause here to note this: What makes the foregoing three goods so special is the AquageniumTM content, which is a patented complex in Hydrabio range with vitamin PP + Apple seed extract, which generates true, immediate and long-lasting hydration. This complex biologically relaunches the skin's natural moisturizing and water retaining abilities. Moreover, it stimulates the expression of aquaporins (real and natural channels that circulate water in your skin) and strengthens skin resistance and impermeability.

4. Atoderm Stick Levres: This is a lip balm to keep your lips moist. A few nights ago my lips were so dry, almost chapped, because I tend to drink less water when I'm at home. So I used this, and almost immediately my lips felt much better and actually looked moist and healthy. It's now becoming a regular in my daily. 

That's all for my PM skincare! Easy peasy. 

But we're not done yet! For your body, the Atoderm range also consists of these two other products:

5. Atoderm Gel Douche: This shower gel is fantastic, I must say! I super love the scent and the refreshing feel it leaves on my skin. It does not generate foam, but because I like showering with foam I usually use a loofah. Because the formula is so gentle, this can be used by kids too.

6. Atoderm Ultra-Nourishing Cream: This one is for after shower. You can use it on your face and all over your body. This is not one you'd buy for the scent, but definitely one you should try for its moisturizing abilities. Like the shower gel, this is safe for kids too.

So what is the difference between the Hydrabio range and the Atoderm range? While the Hydrabio range contains AquageniumTM, the Atoderm range contains Skin Protect TM complex, which is a cmix of Vitamin PP and combination of sugars, aimed to physically and biologically recreate a healthy skin barrier and maintain the skin's water reserves, thus making the skin healthy and comfortable. Talk about all your dry skin needs in one package!

That's all, y'all! Keep that skin healthy and glowing!

P.S.: Thank you @clozetteid and @bioderma_indonesia for helping me keep my skin healthy during these difficult times!

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