I could've put together 5 things I learned from 2020 so it'd sound like a catchier clickbait, but to be perfectly honest I did not. In the spirit of genuine sharing, and in the hope of blessing one or two souls reading this, I decided to write about the only two life lessons I learned this year. Not much in quantity, but in terms of how much they changed me, man oh man... they deserve a single dedicated post on the blog. They don't even need a pretty picture to make future me read the entire thing all over again.

So here goes the first post on that is all texts and no picture! 


1. The importance of relationships, both vertical and horizontal.

Vertical: My relationship with God has been hot and cold all my life. But that never bothered me so much because frankly it’s easy for me to go about daily activities feeling great. How could I not? I have a family, a secure job that I love doing, a comfortable house, few close friends of my own selection, an on-track saving and investment portfolios, a smartphone and all the technology that puts the world in my hands. All those blessings, despite the hot-and-cold relationship with God.

The old me would’ve probably done some thinking and realized that hey if I’m not careful, God could take it all away from me. And then I’d be miserable. Do I want to be miserable? No. So I should get myself to read the Bible more, do what the Scripture says, and be a good gal.

Guess what, old Wynne, God could take it all away even if I do all the Bible tells you. If I disregard the Bible completely, God could let you keep everything me love in the world and more. 

See, we don’t follow Jesus because we’re afraid that if we didn’t our lives would fall apart, we’d be poor, relationships broken, jobs lost, etc. We can do things and achieve things in this world on our own strength. But none of them will have eternal value without Jesus. We can’t do anything of eternal value without Jesus. That’s why I need Him. 

Horizontal: Horizontal relationship is less essential than vertical, but a healthy vertical relationship naturally results in flourishing horizontal relationships. God desires for us to be in a community. In fact, being in a community is one of the most common ways we can know more of God. Therefore, in my spiritual journey of drawing closer to Him, it made complete sense that my longing for Him plants seeds for new friendships and encourages me to fertilize existing ones.

Hey I’m still a big fat introvert! So when I said I’m building relationships, do not imagine me shedding away my introvert side and putting on a new, extroverted skin. I did it with the relatively very few “close” friends that I have (I’m literally talking about 2-3 people), but I was fully intentional about it. 

2. Marriage is hard (even more so when there's a baby in the picture).

This year has been the hardest for my husband and me. I met my husband at work, and we continued to work at the same place until recently (I got another job). So we are used to spending all day all night with each other. Some couples find that sickening but I actually adored how we enjoy each other’s company in every little time of every day. So it was to my surprise that the lockdown put strain on our marriage like never before. Turned out we were not invincible. Heck, we were seriously considering going our separate ways.

I realized our marriage was and still is being put to a test. A realistic test of “for better or worse”. Those things you hear old couples say: “marriage isn’t about love, it is about commitment” is ONE HUNDRED PERCENT TRUE. To get married might have been about love but to stay married (and in love) is all about committing to one another. Committing to walk the talk we so proudly said to each other in Holy Matrimony.

I can’t speak for my husband, but this year I personally invited God more deeply in the way I play my role in this marital relationship. I could actually feel Him speaking to me and giving me strength to endure yet another trial. I know, now, that this is how I come out the other side stronger and more alike those cute old couples you see on Youtube that make you go “awwww”. 


So all in all, I’d like to close this year on a grateful note. 2020 was like the cranky teacher you hate at the beginning but then realized you learned more from him than any other teacher you’ve ever had. I do hope things get better fast in 2021 - hard not to do that - but even if it does not, I know I’m more equipped to deal with sh*t now than ever before. Thanks, 2020, for that!


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