A physical feature I've always given extra care and attention to is my hair. Bad hair day means an overall bad day! So I've invested in a number of hair styling tools to make sure that my hair always looks presentable. Today I wanna talk about latest hair styling iron I'm raving about, which I got from Clozette Indonesia only 2 weeks ago, and it's already my most frequently used one. It's Panasonic Beauty Hair Styler EH-HV40.

You see, my hair is naturally super straight and quite thick. During this week I've proven that Panasonic Beauty EH-HV40 is capable of achieving the look that I always wanna go for, namely natural wavy hair. Check out my Instagram post here where I uploaded a video of me transforming my hair with Panasonic Beauty EH-HV40.
But the special thing about this little gem is, despite its compact size, it's capable of so much! Panasonic Beauty EH-HV40 ini bisa menghasilkan tiga hair style: lurus, natural waves, atau curly. I am specifically fond of the natural waves it can make happen. Diameter 26mm, which is perfect for creating waves or curls that are not too mature/opera-like. Gigi brushnya cukup besar-besar sehingga bisa membuat waves lebih mengembang dan natural. Dan tidak ada gigi-gigi brush kecil di tengah-tengahnya sehingga tidak membuat rambut jadi frizzy (penting untuk yang rambutnya tebal). 

A couple other plus points:

-  travel-friendly size, panjangnya 23cm. smaller than your A4 notebook!
-  travel-friendly features (voltase universal untuk AC 100 - 240, ada pouch anti panas)
-  heats up in 90 seconds

Overall, I highly recommend this one. Harganya 1.2 juta Rupiah. Menurut aku sangat worth it. Bisa dibeli di Tokopedia. Check out their insta pages yaa: @panasonicbeautyid / @idpanasonic

OH one last note, Panasonic Beauty lagi ada giveaway sampai tanggal 27 Mei. Selfie competition dengan hadiah 50 Panasonic Beauty EH-HV40!! Read more at Panasonic Beauty's instagram.

Cheers! 'til next time!


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